The price looks fine to me. This are the numbers entered in the inventory.

She is 3 cents  shorts from qualifying of the discount. The amount should have been 836.16 not 836.13

Second issue:
I will take look on it. It has never happened to me before  but I also haven't had  many opportunities to test the screen because the gateway is in live mode.


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Hi Phil, I tested and it looked OK to me. Could you please provide an URL ?

I am looking at: … nv_id=6939

and it looks OK  to me: Gallons = 0

New method for managing credits has been implemented.


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Lets review together on Monday.

The fields are not required anymore.


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Lets review:

this i just layout (the numbers are totally off  but illustrate the layout idea pretty well).

create two reports one for gallons used between specific dates and one for gallons added to inventory. compare the numbers and adjust accordingly.


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This is already in the system: do a serch by inactive account and address; Then use the status pull down to activate them.

This should be fine after we implement what we discussed: the roll-over money will go to regular credit then the rest of the invoices paid from the credit. Problem like this will not occur in the future.

This should really get fixed with the new updates we plan to do.

Overall account balance is zero when payment is made BUT one location shows a credit and the other shows a            balance.  This link is a good example. … t&id=7

We need the timed deliveries to roll over into the next year.

3)  Credit Invoices and Credit on Account (Check AmEx with Phil's account )

          a) We cannot create a credit invoice unless there is an amount to credit against.  We get a pop up message that says can not apply to a quantity is less than credit (or something like that).

          b) We need to enter a credit on account - right now, there has to be a credit history to enable the windows that let us enter credits.

a)  Add the year to the date fields - when we enter dates in the secondary address field out of sequence, the dates are not accepted.  Ie: Oct 15 to April 15.

This really worked for me. If you were using the gas inventory - did you press the re-calculate button?

tmr wrote:

hi Phil,

select items first then select dealer price again - change to customer price and then dealer again to refresh the math.

this is is short term solution - I will move the pul down to the end of the form so you only select it is there are any items added.

hi Phil,

select items first then select dealer price again - change to customer price and then dealer again to refresh the math.


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And also the dates and method used to  pay them.


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Could you please provide several invoice numbers as an example.


I believe this is  a hardware issue but lets keep an eye on it.

Here is the attachment.


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More detail needed. Lets discuss.
Are we sure the actual invoices were deleted?


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Completed but needs to be verified


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Done but has to be tested throughout