Topic: Monthly Tax Reporting

Hi Tihomir –

Trying to reconcile for monthly tax reporting – I will put this on the forum

In the link below, I searched for invoices in the month of May with the invoice item TAXEX CG (Tax Exempt) and it shows one invoice.  At the bottom of this page – you used to have total sales and total sales pretax – these numbers I would use, could you return those to the quick stats?

So I went to the payments report and searched but this invoice does not come up. … vedSearch=

Payments Report – I searched under invoice date for the month of May with the same invoice item, I tried it with and without choosing an invoice type.  Still nothing … … amp;s=Find

I pulled reports in both payments and invoices for budget.  Got the total in the payments report for invoice total for budget but it seems to only be paid invoices not all invoices billed.

I have to get the taxes done asap – what would help in the short term is to put total sales and total sales pre-tax stats back – thank you, Tracy

Re: Monthly Tax Reporting

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