Topic: Delivery routes (Patialy done)

when we select the Deliveries button we need to see which routes have been generated in a list and then be able to select the list.

this is especially important during the day as people call up and want a delivery we could edit the route add the customer then re-optimize the route without having to regenerating the whole route.  I know that we will still have to ask the driver to update his cache.

From this list once we select the list we need to go into the list as we do now and then edit the list to add a customer to the list or delete a customer then reoptimize the list.

The above is done
I would say that the portion below is a separate task:

Also if the driver leaves the route and goes to another route he should optimize the route from his existing location or if he does not start from the yard he should optimize the route from his current location but only if requested.

Generating route sizes.

We have discussed setting up the system to generate routes based on truck size.  when we optimize the route the system should put the whole route into order then divide it up into sections based on a delivery truck size that you would specify before or after the optimization has taken place.

have we found a better system so we can optimize larger routes?  I know we talked about this and you thought you found something out there.